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Waukesha Custom Home Builders Utilizing Green Building Techniques, Equipment and Materials

Waukesha Energy Efficient Custom HomesAccording to ENERGY STAR®, air leaks contribute to 25-40% of energy used on heating and cooling. With Jewell Homes you can save $1,196 per year on utility costs for a 2,200 sq. ft. home!

ENERGY STAR® certified homes are built with tighter construction at the core. The green building techniques and materials used exceeds that of homes built to the standard of the Model Energy Code. Every custom home we build is certified and documented to be Wisconsin ENERGY STAR® efficient. Plus, our “green” homes consistently rank 3 times better than Wisconsin standards!

Tight Construction        HVAC Efficient Windows Better Insulation
       Fixtures Exterior Colors     Ceiling Fans  


Our custom home builders in Waukesha employ green building techniques which provide tighter construction and greater overall insulation. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to seal cracks and gaps in framing, electrical and plumbing areas. We also check insulation quality, air leakage, fan flow rates, furnace and AC performance, and window performance.

Energy efficient home constructionJewell Homes is an industry leader in energy efficient home construction. We advise you on the most energy efficient lighting, windows, doors, toilets, appliances, etc.

Green home construction is desired for:

  • Lower Energy Costs (less AC and heat escapes)
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality (less outdoor pollutants and pests)
  • Reducing Allergens and Toxins in the Air (particularly for asthma sufferers, children, the elderly and those with respiratory conditions)
  • Enhanced Comfort (less noise, drafts, etc.)

Whether you’re interested in ranch style home construction or two-story home construction - our green home builders of Waukesha can outfit your dream home with the highest level in energy efficient standards.

If energy costs, air quality and/or comfort are important to you and your family, partner with the energy efficient home builders Waukesha and surrounding areas trust to build their green dream home!

Features and Benefits of Energy Efficient Home Builders

Tighter Construction (Including Tight Ducts)

Tighter construction reduces overall air infiltration making comfort in your home easier on your HVAC system. It reduces moisture, drafts, noise, and the escape of conditioned air. It also helps keep dust, allergens, and insects out of your home.

Energy-Efficient Heating and Cooling System

According to ENERGY STAR®, heating and/or cooling your home may account for over 50% of your home's total energy use every year. By using high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment, we can significantly reduce the amount of money you spend yearly on keeping your home comfortable. In addition to lower utility bills, efficient heating and cooling systems tend to have less maintenance issues and they run noticeably quieter.

High Performance Windows

ENERGY STAR® rated windows can drastically help lower your heating and cooling costs. Heating and cooling loss through normal house windows can account for up to 50% of energy loss. We'll create a tight seal around all windows to capitalize on every benefit of energy-efficient windows. High-performance windows provide a quieter home, reduce your utility bill, and reduce fading of household items by blocking up to 98% of UV rays.

Improved Insulation

Just like ENERGY STAR® rated windows and a high-efficiency heating and cooling system, improved insulation helps you save money on your utility bill and make your home more comfortable.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures

Energy-Star rated bathroom and kitchen fixtures can help you save a large amount of money year-after-year.

Exterior Colors

The color of your home can contribute to the heat inside it. A lighter exterior color helps homes stay cooler and darker exterior colors help homes retain heat.


Having ceiling fans installed throughout a home helps save money and energy during the summer and the winter.


Jewell Homes proudly serves Waukesha, New Berlin, Muskego, Pewaukee, Mukwonago, Delafield and other surrounding areas.

Contact our energy efficient home builders in Waukesha today to learn more about our green home construction.