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The Barran II - Aster Hills Subdivision
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W128 S8743 Harrington Ct
Muskego 53150
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Our Custom Model Home Builders in Muskego, WI Help You Find the Best Interior and Exterior Features for Your Specific Needs and Budget

Custom Milwaukee Home JewellWell known as some of the best home builders in Muskego and Southeast Wisconsin, Jewell Homes prides itself on making your custom home look great and perform great! Any custom home builders in Waukesha can install custom cabinets, beautiful hardwood flooring and a high efficiency furnace. It’s how these features perform for the life of the home that truly matters. At Jewell Homes, we have a strict set of home building practices to ensure ALL components in your custom home are installed correctly and to your highest level of satisfaction.

Unlike other Waukesha home builders, our model home specifications are a loose guideline to the look, feel and functionality of your home. All our model homes can be customized to suit your lifestyle needs and aesthetic desires.

Jewell Homes offers several styles and layouts for ranch style homes, two-story homes and two-story homes with a first floor master bedroom.

Exterior features are modifiable based on needs and aesthetics. Our Muskego home builders help you choose what brand, model, color and style best fits your needs for roofing, windows, garage doors, entry doors, decks, patios, siding and more.

Interior features are also modifiable. Interior features can include everything from appliances to flooring to unique architectural details like a recessed beamed ceiling. Interior entryways can also be modified to add a unique and completely custom look.  The possibilities are endless on how you can customize your Jewell home.

Unlike other home building companies in Waukesha, Jewell Homes includes ALL features (interior and exterior) in the total price. We structure this style of turn-key pricing so you can Walk In, Move In. It’s extremely comforting to know you won’t get nickel and dimed for everything you want included in your custom model home. Our straight-forward pricing and Co-Construct software enables you to try out different options (for interior and exterior features) to see what fits within your budget and what extras are worth an additional investment. With Jewell Homes, it’s YOUR model home to customize!

Model home builder in MilwaukeeAs highly experienced and knowledgeable experts in the custom home building industry, we know which options to suggest based on your budget and needs.  We’ll never force something on you or only show you the most expensive option. We want your dream home to be one you can afford AND be proud of!

If you’re interested in energy efficient home construction, we do that too! We utilize the best energy efficient home builders in Waukesha and Southeast Wisconsin to construct the most energy efficient home for you, inside and out.

For more information on our custom model homes check out our model inclusions and standard inclusions.

Contact our luxury home builders in Muskego, WI today to set-up a FREE consultation to discuss your dream home!